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Applying Our Competitive Advantage and Principles to a Residential Real Estate Firm

White Diamond Realty is North Central West Virginia’s newest residential brokerage firm, poised to lead the way in this new era of digital commerce. Headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia, White Diamond is committed to empowering its clients to achieve home-ownership goals while establishing a respected position within our region’s real estate and business communities.

At White Diamond Realty, we assist sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants in meeting their residential real estate goals. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you!

Empowering Our Clients
  • Proactive
  • Team Oriented
  • Forward Thinking
  • Excellence in Client Experience
  • “What will set White Diamond apart is teamwork, proactivity and cultivating resourceful networks.”

    - Mark J. Nesselroad

  • “Being connected with the exemplary reputation of Black Diamond is one of the most exciting parts of this new venture. I want everyone to know that the stellar services Black Diamond has come to be known for will carry through.”

    - Melissa Berube

  • “We are excited to utilize Black Diamond Realty’s presentation, process and people to develop a new organization focused on residential brokerage services."

    - David Lorenze