From the Broker: Melissa Hornbeck
January 2022 

I’m considering getting my real estate license, what do you think? 

In my 20+ years in this business I have been asked this question no less than once a week. Throughout my career I have written and conducted new agent training classes as well as instructed pre-licensing and continuing education classes, so have had a lot of faces pass through my educational opportunities. 

There is a common theme I’ve noticed when standing before all these fine people with dreams of making real estate their full-time career – it’s not as seen on TV.  

So many people jump into this business with high hopes and aspirations, but no real concept of what it means, or what it takes, to truly succeed in such a highly competitive industry.  

Statistically about 80% of new licensees will be out of the business within 3 years. And it’s not their fault. For as much hype and glorification there is around what I do for a living, there’s very little true-to-life information on what is really involved, and what it actually takes, to be in the 20% of agents who succeed. 

That’s why I’m creating it: 

Becoming a Real Estate Professional 

The Why, What, and How of a Successful Career 

This three-part workshop will dive into the business end of our industry. What to expect, how to plan, and choosing the right path to help you successfully navigate going from ‘newbie’ to career professional.  

If you are asking the title question of this blog, attending my workshop may be your first step to a successful career. The workshop is free, but seating is limited so please click on the Register Now button below to reserve your spot.