Welcome to the Mon County Market Snapshot brought to you by White Diamond Realty.

This month, we’re taking a look at both the June and 2nd Quarter markets vs the same timeframes in 2021. Below are the stats:

Current Market

  • 161 Active Residential Properties
  • 210 Contingent Residential Properties
  • 3.0 Months Inventory = Balancing Market


  • A majority of 2nd quarter closings reflect our slower 1st quarter market.
  • Compared to my last quarterly update, the current market changed a bit – 46 more active properties and 49 fewer contingent. Could be an indicator, but time will tell.
  • Our time on market continues to fall, but our units are also decreasing. It’s too early to see if this is a trend but could be further indication of a market balance.

Further Thoughts 

We are definitely seeing a shift in the market. Sales volume is down, but homes are continuing to sell in record time. We are continue to see value increases, but they are not as drastic, and the current market also has a different makeup. It’s easy to jump to conclusions here, but now is not the time to do that. It’s important to remember these sales are reflective of our slower, first quarter market. The third quarter numbers, which will more accurately reflect our spring activity, may contradict what we’re seeing here.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the faster-than-anticipated rise in mortgage rates is affecting our market. The short and simple answer, at least in this specific snapshot of time, is ‘not much’. That being said, when we look at general market numbers that’s exactly what they are – general. The rate increases are going to affect various sectors of our market in different ways, so there is no quick or easy answer to that. Also, as rates and market environment change so do options. We will see emphasis on types of financing that aren’t typically considered when rates are low, such as adjustable-rate mortgages. As these types of options are further explored and considered, the market will open back up to some of those who thought it had closed to them. So, as usual, time will tell.

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