Luxury is: Finding Hidden Gems 

From vibrant downtowns to unexcelled natural beauty, newcomers to North Central West Virginia fall in love with the area on first sight, but as any true Mountaineer knows, there’s even more to love off the beaten path.  

To help you find these less travelled locations, we’re letting you in on a few of the area’s secret spots, including a hidden gem home listing from White Diamond Realty. So, read on to get the inside dope and if you like this article, check back for future posts about hidden gems in the Morgantown area! 

White Park’s Waterfall  

There is no shortage of gorgeous rivers, streams, and waterfalls in North-Central West Virginia. From postcard perfect Blackwater Falls to the swimmer’s paradise at Blue Hole, a quick drive and a short hike is all that’s required to discover the kind of beauty that takes your breath away.  

For folks living in or near Morgantown, however, there’s a secluded spot that sees far less foot traffic than better-known attractions. Located just through the woods from the softball fields and ice rink at White Park, the winding of footpath of the Woodland Trail leads to a lovely waterfall that’s accessible to hikers of every age. Just snap a photo, share it online, and you’ll have all your friends asking, “Wait, where is this at, exactly?” 

Ancient Hemlock Groves 

Two amazing parks within a day’s drive from Morgantown are home to some of the oldest forest groves east of the Rockies. The first of these, the old growth forest at Cathedral State Park contains one of the largest stands of virgin hemlock in all of Appalachia, but that’s not all you’ll find in this 133-acre park. With three miles of easy to navigate trails, this National Landmark showcases 170 species of trees, ferns, and wildflowers, making it ideal for an unforgettableday hike, a picnic at one of its sheltered tables, and snapping more photos.   

Even lesser known is the Virgin Hemlock to Tyrone Trail Loop at Chestnut Ridge Park. This serene 1.7-mile trail near Bruceton Mills is a bird watcher’s dream that’s easy to hike, open year-round, and dog friendly. At the end of the trail, you’ll find a large hemlock grove that is over 300 years old — and yet it’s all just a 20-minute drive from Morgantown! Grab the camera. 

Falling Run Greenspace 

Sometimes, making progress means taking a step back. This is especially true for one of the newest hidden gems, the Falling Run Greenspace in Morgantown. This 60-acre oasis located just off WVU’s downtown campus was once dotted with cheap student rentals. These days, however, it provides 2.6 miles of trails for hiking, running, and cycling.  Although it sees more foot and bike traffic than other spots on our list, there is one major difference that makes it a true hidden gem: it’s new!  

Developed and maintained by WVU’s School of Design & Community Development, the Falling Run Greenspace was founded in 2016 and, aside from a quick getaway, it still offers a unique volunteer opportunity for folks wanting to make a positive impact on our community for generations to come.    

A Hidden Gem of a Home 

The competition for premier homes in North Central West Virginia is stiff. If that makes finding a hidden gem seem impossible, don’t worry. White Diamond Realty knows this market. Our agents are passionate about matching buyers to luxury homes, which often means exploring hidden avenues.  

Today, we’re introducing a new listing in Morgantown’s bedroom-community of Westover, across the Monongahela River from downtown. From granite countertops to a double garage, this classic home checks off all the boxes. Enjoy cozy evenings by the modern electric fireplace, hang out with your pals in the finished attic space, and enjoy the convenience of Westover living. This gem is move-in ready, so don’t hesitate, because it won’t remain hidden for long. 

Want some inside information? Just like the Falling Run Nature Preserve, this home is part of a larger effort to inject new vitality into a small-town neighborhood. In fact, the seller purchased an entire block of older homes and completely remodeled them from the studs out. He removed everything that could not be saved, even razing some homes to the foundation before rebuilding with an attention to detail.  

As a result, every living space in the finished homes feel like new. Even the yards have been re-imagined and refreshed. That means that this hidden gem is both classic and modern, solidly-built, and sure to retain its value, since the entire block has been transformed into a showcase for luxury.  

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Remember, you’ll only find these hidden gem homes through the agents at White Diamond Realty, so if you’re ready to take a short hike through this refurbished classic home, contact Melissa Hornbeck at