When you’re selling your home empty or maintaining a for sale home in Marion County, there are some items it pays to keep up with during the time on the market. No buyer wants to be confronted with a lawn full of leaves and debris. So, hiring a gardener to keep up the landscaping is in your best interest. The same is true inside the home. Cobwebs, dust, and streaky windows can detract from an otherwise perfect home. Have a cleaner specializing in empty homes check in on your place every week or so if it’s on the market that long. For a quicker sale, reach out to the White Diamond team. We specialize in marketing your property with the services of our in-house creative team, digital and traditional methods, and a client-focused team of real estate professionals that are entirely attentive to your needs.

If you are selling in order to buy one with a better view, check out the latest homes for sale in Marion County with great views.

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