Welcome to the Mon County Market Snapshot brought to you by White Diamond Realty. Let’s take a look at the residential real estate market in the month of May as compared to 2022.

Current Market

  • 166 Active Residential Properties
  • 210 Contingent Residential Properties
  • 9 Months Inventory = Leaning toward Balanced market


  • Drop in SFD price is due to shift in inventory more than value drop
  • Don’t let the increased marketing time alarm you
  • Inching toward our typical inventory

Further Thoughts 

I have been going on and on the last few editions about mid-range homes selling so quickly, and last month did a deep dive into the correlation as to the change in marketing time. This month, looking at the decrease in detached sales price, I theorized this is more due to lesser high end sales than actual decline in value. So, guess what I did? Another deep dive to test that conclusion and, spoiler alert, I was right. I compared sales in May of 2022 and 2023 broken down into $100k price blocks up to $500k, then lumped in everything above that. To keep this concise, I’ll summarize sales below and above $400k. In May of 2022 68 units under $400k were sold at an average $242,189; in 2023 54 units sold at an average $251,046. So there was a slight decrease in volume but a slight increase in value to balance things out. Looking at everything above, in 2022 38 units sold while in 2023 only 15. Value went from $606,254 in 2022 to $599,266; not much change in value but a significant one in volume. The moral of this story is, don’t jump to too many conclusions when looking at only a month’s snapshot. Next month we’ll have a more rounded idea of what changes we’re seeing with the quarterly report.

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Written by Melissa Hornbck, Broker