Becoming a Real Estate Professional
The Why, What and How of a Successful Career

It’s been said that real estate is the easiest business to get into, and hardest to succeed in. The real estate profession is a competitive and many faceted industry. It’s true that assisting customers is a major component, but there is so much more than meets the eye. Our industry has an estimated turnover rate of 88%. That means less than 20% of new licensees make it past their first few years. If you are considering, or already on, your path to a career in real estate White Diamond Realty invites you to attend our three-part workshop, Becoming a Real Estate Professional – The Why, What, and How of a Successful Career. Making a career move is a difficult decision that deserves careful consideration and research, this workshop will be a vital part in helping you make the most effective plan to start your new career path.

This opportunity is free and will provide you a firm foundation to build from.

Are you interested in taking the first step on your path to success in the real estate industry?

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