Alyssa was drawn to real estate when she and her husband began the homebuying process in 2020. Amid the many obstacles their journey presented, Alyssa decided to do her own research and learn the process for herself. She ended up learning so much that she realized she could turn her knowledge into a career.  

After taking the necessary classes to get West Virginia licensure, Alyssa embarked on her new journey in December 2022. Let’s find out why real estate is where she’s meant to be.  

I have always had a strong passion for helping others. This career will allow me to give my customers an easier, more stress-free experience than I had myself.  

Why was joining White Diamond Realty the right next step in your career path? 

I’m a very analytical person, so I obviously did my research before picking a brokerage to work for. I was about to make a huge career change, from healthcare to real estate, and I wanted to make sure I was going to a brokerage that would set me up for success. I interviewed with many wonderful brokers in the Morgantown area but felt most at home with White Diamond.  

When meeting Melissa for the first time, I felt very comfortable. She made me feel as if I were an equal, even though I was just starting in the field. She wasn’t intimidating, and she didn’t make me feel as if she was the “boss” and I was her “employee.” I could tell she was very knowledgeable and took a more involved, hands-on approach to teaching, which is what I wanted. Melissa is not only a fabulous broker to work for but an amazing mentor as well. 

What are your best qualities as an agent?  

I’m very detail oriented—which is very important in this field due to lengthy documents packed full of important steps and deadlines—and I’m dependable. I will make sure that everything that needs to be done on my end is done in a timely manner. I’m also compassionate; I love helping others, and nothing makes me happier than when a job is done well and everyone is happy. 

What is the most common hurdle you see buyers encounter, and how do you help them with it? 

Currently the biggest hurdle I’m seeing buyers encounter is the extremely competitive market. I help by constantly going through the MLS, checking out new listings as soon as they hit the market. If I find a house that could potentially work, I call, text, or email and ask if they’d like to go see it that same day.  

What advice do you give to sellers as they’re preparing to list their property?  

I advise prospective sellers to declutter and remove personal items if possible. Buyers like to see a nice, clean neutral space when they walk in. Repainting the walls to a neutral color goes a long way too. I also tell them the benefits of listing with White Diamond and our online exposure that would help to quickly sell their home. 

What advice do you give to buyers as they’re preparing to buy a home or make an offer?

I advise my buyers to find a good loan officer and program right from the start. I also sit down with them and figure out the specific criteria they would like in their new home. When we find a property they love and start the closing process, I make sure to be on call at all times for any questions and to send them all of the documents and information they need. I also make sure to keep everyone who’s involved in the transaction on track with documents and regularly explain next steps. 

What makes North Central West Virginia a great place to buy a home and put down roots?

They don’t say “Almost Heaven” for no reason! Our mountainous wild and wonderful views make for a beautiful sight. We get to see four captivating seasons each year, and NCWV serves as a great central hub for jobs, higher education, and activities, not to mention the local eateries that make this place unique. Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, there are things for you to do and get involved with. The diversity, community involvement, and people make NCWV such an amazing place to put down roots. 

What do you love to do outside of work? 

In any free time I have, I’m usually crafting up some type of project (usually custom wood signs, t-shirts, or party decor). I also run a new event venue in Morgantown, WV, called The Silo in the Square, where I coordinate and decorate for all types of events. As the true West Virginian I am, I’m proud to be a Mountaineer and attend all of the WVU home football and basketball games with my husband and in-laws. 

Where do you see yourself in your career in 10 years? 

I want to establish a path that allows me to persevere as a well-known, hardworking professional. I also hope that in the future, I can mix my passion for design into my real estate career, perhaps through staging homes for my listings. 

Why would you recommend the real estate profession and White Diamond?  

It was one of the best choices I’ve made for myself. If you have a passion to help others and want to be involved within the community, then real estate, especially White Diamond, will set you up for success. As a team, we all are willing to learn, adapt, and do what it takes to make sure our clients are properly represented.  

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