After spending over 13 years in the nonprofit sector, Erica was looking for a change. With a college background in historic preservation and historic architecture, she always loved the idea of real estate but couldn’t figure out how her talents could fit into the field. In July 2022, Erica came across, in her words, the “perfect fit”—the transaction coordinator position at White Diamond.

Let’s find out more about Erica and how her new world of real estate meshes so well with the people skills she cultivated in nonprofit.

Why was joining White Diamond Realty the right next step in your career? 

White Diamond is led by a team—and, more specifically, a broker—with plenty of experience. Yet it’s still new and finding its way in the market. So I get the support and training I need, being new to the field, while at the same time getting to help shape this new company. It’s very exciting!

I love being a resource for people, both clients and agents. It’s one of my favorite parts of the position, to be able to problem-solve and research to find answers for them.

What is the most common hurdle you see buyers encounter, and how do you help them with it?

I think buyers are often not expecting the amount of paperwork and inspections. I like to make sure everything is communicated in a timely manner and to assist with setting up the inspections so that is taken off their plate.

What is the most common hurdle you see sellers encounter, and how do you help them? 

Often, I’ve seen sellers just need reassurance that things are happening. They don’t see all the moving parts unless there is something to sign, so keeping them in the loop on progress is vital.

What advice do you give to sellers as they’re preparing to list and when they receive an offer?

Make a list of the things you love about the home and give that to your REALTOR™. Potential buyers may not know about certain features of living there just by looking. Also, know what you need to get out of the home and see if it’s reasonable. Stick to your guns; every offer doesn’t have to be accepted.

What advice do you give to buyers as they’re preparing to buy a home or make an offer?

Get a REALTORTM to represent you in the process. Most individuals do not truly know what goes on behind the scenes during a real estate transaction. Between the negotiations to the paperwork, it’s definitely important to have someone with experience and training on your side representing you during this very exciting and stressful time. Our agents know ins and outs that most people don’t, and how to get what’s best and reasonable for you.

What makes North Central West Virginia a great place to buy a home and put down roots?

Digital marketing and new technology is changing the real estate industry. To thrive, you need to understand how to effectively digitally market your listings, from QR codes to Reels.  

What makes North Central West Virginia a great place to buy a home and put down roots? 

North Central West Virginia is in the heart of the country and all the beauty, serenity, and recreation that implies, with proximity to cities like Pittsburgh, Columbus, the D.C. Metro Area. We’re less than a days’ drive to the beach, and the mountains are in our backyard. It’s the perfect mix.

What is your favorite thing to see or do in West Virginia and our surrounding areas?  

I love the area around the New River Gorge. It’s so different from North Central but is only a few hours away. It’s of course beautiful, and the amount of activities there is astounding.

What makes your life joyful right now?

I got engaged this past spring. TJ and I have been together just over two years and have adopted our Pitbull-type dog, former foster, Leo. TJ has adopted my cat, Winston, and we bought a house a year ago. I have been fostering animals with Pet Helpers, Inc. for about 13 years and now I’ve brought TJ into it. It gives me great joy to know that an animal that may have had to go into a shelter can instead go to a loving home where, maybe for the first time, it feels safe and learns to be part of a family.

Where do you see yourself in your career in 10 years? 

I would like to assist agents and clients in such a streamlined fashion that clients feel so secure and well taken care of that they will always come back to White Diamond and recommend us.

Why would you recommend the real estate profession and White Diamond? 

White Diamond is the most supportive team I’ve been a part of. Melissa is a guru! If you want to learn and flourish, White Diamond is the place for you.

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