Julie’s path to real estate started off with style—literally! As an interior designer, she savored the opportunity to help homeowners create a vision of home and bring it to life. Along the way, Julie garnered plenty of exposure to home ownership, from conception to the final sale—and discovered that it wasn’t only design she loved but all things real estate.  

I am 100% invested in my clients. In real estate there are lots of curve balls and some very unconventional situations. I have the experience to navigate complexities and challenges because I am willing to walk tall mountains and dive into deep valleys to achieve my client’s goals.  

Passion and interest led Julie to become a REALTOR™, but there’s much more to her personal approach. Let’s dig into Julie’s real estate style.  

Why was joining White Diamond Realty the right next step in your career? 

Being in an environment that is nurturing yet professional, always striving to be better is the place I want to be, and White Diamond provides that culture. With constant guidance and encouragement for professional development, my Broker is molding me into providing an elevated real estate experience for my clients and a continued path to success. 

What excites you as a REALTOR™? 

Since I was a child I have gravitated toward interior design and real estate because I love all the possibilities. I get excited to be able to bring those possibilities to people while opening up the opportunity for generational wealth. 

What is the most common hurdle you see buyers encounter, and how do you help them? 

The common hurdle in this market is finding the inventory to fit the budget. With my design background, I am able to see the possibilities a structure could provide to my clients when the vision is not clear. When inventory is low, you have to make your inventory. I have the eye and construction knowledge to navigate those areas. 

What advice do you give to sellers as they’re preparing to list their property or receive an offer?  

My overall advice in real estate is everything happens for a reason. Being level-headed and allowing the process to take place is important, even when it seems like it is not going the way you imagined. 

What’s your take on real estate trends and the industry’s future? 

Digital marketing and new technology is changing the real estate industry. To thrive, you need to understand how to effectively digitally market your listings, from QR codes to Reels.  

What makes North Central West Virginia a great place to buy a home and put down roots? 

It’s a great place to buy a home because of the community, safety, and outdoors. The community here is like none other; from small-town fairs and festivals to big university sports there is constantly something to do. There is a pulse to our area that feels different because of the elevated diversity WVU provides. The neighborhoods are safe for children. In North Central WV, people are the guests of the wildlife and forests we inhabit, and that is pretty cool. 

What is your favorite thing to see or do in West Virginia and our surrounding areas?  

I am a water bug! I love to spend time in the WV lakes and playing in the creeks. I’m also a horse lover. WV is a great place to explore on horseback. 

What makes your world go round?  

I love art, horses, and running. A highlight each year is the annual half marathon at Disney World. I am a proud mother to two precocious children, Khloe and King. They bring so much joy to this world and will change it for the better. I love to paint, throw pottery, and create mosaics in my spare time (which is severely limited). I am driven to better every day and spread as much kindness I can into the world. 

Where do you see yourself in your career in 10 years? 

I would like to own my own business that is design, build, then sell. 

Why would you recommend the real estate profession and White Diamond? 

I would recommend becoming a REALTOR™ if you are prepared to be dedicated to your profession. White Diamond is an excellent brokerage to put you on the path to professional success. 

Want to find out more about Julie’s services? Reach her at jknight@whitediamondrealty.net.