One of North Central West Virginia’s most successful commercial real estate agencies — Black Diamond Realty — is expanding into the residential market. Black Diamond leadership has announced their formation of White Diamond Realty LLC, to be led by licensed broker Melissa Berube.

Berube is a leader in the regional residential industry. She served as 2019 Morgantown Board of Realtors president and board columnist for The Dominion Post. The combination of Berube’s residential expertise and Black Diamond’s commercial acumen promises to provide a powerful source of market insight and service to customers and communities in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond.

Co-founder Mark J. Nesselroad sees White Diamond as an opportunity to build strong relationships with clients, institutions, community organizations, residential developers and other local businesses. “What will set White Diamond apart,” he believes, “is teamwork, proactivity and cultivating resourceful networks.” Nesselroad goes on to say that “applying Black Diamond’s competitive advantage and principles to a residential real estate firm is a recipe for success. We have full faith and confidence in Melissa Berube to lead our team.”

Berube brings 18 years of real estate expertise to the table, as well as an abundance of industry connections. Berube is well known in the community for her enthusiasm, commitment to excellence and willingness to share knowledge and information. Her first order of business will be “putting strong building blocks in place to ensure successful and sustainable growth.” She’s confident the company’s roots will ensure its success, saying, “Being connected with the exemplary reputation of Black Diamond is one of the most exciting parts of this new venture. I want everyone to know that the stellar services Black Diamond has come to be known for will carry through.”

For White Diamond co-founder David Lorenze, success is all about focusing on core competencies that combine a decidedly 21st-century presentation process with high-caliber, personalized service. “We are excited to utilize Black Diamond Realty’s presentation, process and people to develop a new organization focused on residential brokerage services. Securing a well-respected, strong leader was a critical first step. Melissa brings to the table a strong reputation, a charming demeanor and an unwavering work ethic, which we are confident will lead to tremendous results. We are honored and humbled to follow in the well-respected footsteps of local real estate firms who continue to deliver quality service. We are excited to see what the future holds and appreciate the community’s support,” Lorenze said.

White Diamond was founded under the auspices of Black Diamond’s highly successful team of industry and community leaders: Nesselroad, Lorenze, Nick Colasante and Mark R. Nesselroad (Glenmark Holding LLC). The brokerage will uphold Black Diamond’s dedication to outstanding customer service and take the same forward-thinking approach, focusing exclusively on residential real estate.

With the turn of this new decade, North Central West Virginia should set expectations high for White Diamond Realty.

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