Bison Farm Tour and Tasting Series

September 3, 2021 at 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
$10 a person (Children 10 yrs and under are Free)

Riffle Farms – Bison Farm
5160 Saltlick Rd, Terra Alta, WV, USA


Through Sept 3rd, take advantage of the Bison Farm Tour at Riffle Farms in Preston CountyRiffle Farms is a small bison farm that raises grass-fed and finished animals. They are nestled into the hills of Preston County where “the grasses are cool and the snow is heavy.”

Owned and operated by Liz Riffle, a U.S. Navy Nurse Corps veteran, and her husband, Jimmie, who currently still serves Navy Nurse Corps as a Nurse Practitioner, the bison farm is close to their roots. Born and raised in the nearby Taylor County area of Grafton, West Virginia, Jimmie’s heritage is here. The Riffle’s plan for “generations of Riffle boots to walk and work this ground, right alongside generations of thundering hooves!”

Homegrown and proud, this couple now serves this great nation by feeding it the finest of meats—bison!  

Bison Farm Tour

The walking tour takes about 30-40 minutes. You can see the animals, learn about the robust chute system for herd health management, and take in the spectacular farm panoramas!

You will have the opportunity to feed the animals, too. According to the farm management, this is why the animals LOVE visitors 🙂

They will also show you how to cook the bison meat! They keep the demo simple and easy to replicate in your own home. In addition, they have bison chili, their sought-after recipe from The Preston County Farm Crawl. The chili is prepped and ready for you to taste.

Shoppers enjoy their pop-up store. You’ll find farm merchandise and bison meat that you can take home with you that day!

The whole family will appreciate a picnic at one of the set-up tables.  Enjoy an evening by an evening fire. Just remember to BYOB 😉

Remember, kids under age 10 are FREE!!

Contact info:

Address: Saltlick Road 5160, Terra Alta, WV 26764, USA

Phone: (603) 325-8460


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