Why Use a Professional REALTOR®?

Statistics show that working with a professional REALTOR® leads to a higher sales price, in turn covering the commission and providing profit for you.

Home ownership is one of the largest investments many of us make in our lifetime. When you choose for sale by owner, you’re taking on major responsibilities. The transaction must conform to state guidelines. The paperwork includes forms, reports, and disclosures that can leave you open to legal problems if not handled with expertise. Negotiation on price and other details can result in lower profit. You’ll also have to market your home, which can be challenging without experience and resources.

When you work with a professional REALTOR®, you avoid the common pitfalls of selling on your own. White Diamond REALTORS® are fully licensed in West Virginia and/or Pennsylvania. They are actively involved in our local and state boards of REALTORS®. They are educated on the latest real estate regulations, guidelines, and trends. And they are on your side through the selling process and beyond.

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Marketing Your Property

Stellar marketing is our hallmark. We have an in-house team of dedicated graphic designers creating eye-catching materials to wow buyers.

Seller’s Guide

When you make the decision to sell, you have two priorities: an ideal price and a smooth process. We’re the link between your needs and your desired outcome. With our innovative process and high-caliber agents, we’re set to go above and beyond your expectations.

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Typical Expenses

When it comes to selling your home, you’ll typically incur these expenses.

  • Transfer taxes
  • West Virginia excise tax charged at closing
  • Attorney fees for deed preparation
  • Prorated items

  • Mortgage-release fee

  • Brokerage commission

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