Winterizing your home and yard are annual chores that should be on your calendar. October is a great month to prep your home for the winter. vThe weather is still warm enough to do outside yard work, but cool enough not to overheat while doing it.

Rake up those leaves

If September and early October bring a ton of leaves down in your yard, you have lots of raking up to do. Remember, if you let the leaves stay on your lawn throughout the winter they can damage your grass. So, you want to rake them up as soon as possible. Or, mulch them into the lawn with the mulch setting on your lawnmower. For more information about preparing your yard for winter … and for next spring, check out this great article from WVU.

Don’t forget to clean your gutters

Another area that leaves can damage is less obvious. The leaves get caught in your gutters. If you do not have gutter screens, your gutters can become clogged. That means, when it rains, the water can back up and overflow the sides of the gutter. When water runs outside the gutter trough, it can cause damage to your soffit, eaves, and roof. If the leaves dam up the gutter in the winter, melted roof snow will form ice dams and back up the snow and ice along the roofline. As it melts and refreezes, it will cause problems with your roof and even form leaks.

The best options? If you are good with being up on a ladder, you can clean out your gutters yourself. But, if heights make you nervous, or if your home is more than one story, consider hiring a professional. Check out these local gutter cleaners near Morgantown, or google “gutter cleaner” to find ones nearer to you.

Seal out the cold

Check your doors and windows for cracks in the seals. Hire someone to seal them up or DIY with a trip to your local hardware store. If your windows let in lots of cool air, you may want to cover them with plastic for the winter.

For other ideas on ways to prepare your home for winter, check out this video.

No Gutters to Clean or House to Prep?

If you don’t yet have your own gutters to clean, October is a great month to buy a home. We can help. Check out these latest homes on the market in all the counties we serve.