You’ve just bought your first home. Now what? How do you even begin to decorate a new home? Before you head off to your local home decor store or hire a decorator, think about what you already own.

Here are 10 tips on decorating or redecorating your home with things you already own from Home Made Lovely. There are also some great nuggets of advice like … only purchase a new decor item that could work in 3 or more rooms.

As you live in your home, you’ll begin to realize what you need to add versus what would just add clutter. It is easy to watch design shows on TV and think that your home needs to look like “that.” But the truth is if you live in your home, and especially if you have children, your home needs to reflect that. You need room for homework, playing games, relaxing to read a book, etc.

So, don’t fall for all of the design trends at once. Start with what you have and add the things that you will truly love.

10 Ways to Decorate for Free
  1. Purge what you don’t love.
  2. Tidy up!
  3. Quiet your spaces.
  4. Rearrange your furniture.
  5. Paint or refinish something …
  6. Swap furniture or accessories from room to room.
  7. Bring some things back in.
  8. Display your decor in vignettes.
  9. Add foraged sticks, greenery, or florals.
  10. Use free printable art.
Don’t Yet Have a Home to Decorate?

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