Achieving Luxury: Three Themes for the Bath of your Dreams 

Kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms get plenty of love when it comes to home design, yet we all know that every real estate listing includes one very important detail. How many baths?  

Beyond their utilitarian appeal, the best baths are an inviting destination where you can light a couple of candles, have a soothing soak, and relax your mind and body while basking in luxurious privacy.   

In today’s blog, White Diamond wants to inspire your imagination for such a destination by presenting a few ideas for transforming your bathroom into an elegant destination. 

1. Timeless Luxury 

Like a luxury car or a designer handbag, an elegant bathroom is a symphony of details. Because such harmony is timeless, many elements that could be included in your private room withstand changes in style and the passage of time.  

Marble is just such an element. It can be used for floors, walls, lining your shower, or even a sumptuous marble tub carved from a single block of stone. Another timeless touch is mosaic tile flooring. You can go with marble tiles, but also consider limestone, which is both softer and more inviting. Either way, the mosaics help break up the expanse of the floor and make the room feel more personalized, and comfy. 

For the classic look, experts recommend subtle gradations of neutral colors, antique furniture (such as a single stuffed chair, a chaise lounge, or a secretary desk), satin nickel fixtures and ceiling-high linen curtains for windows. Fixtures are another place where the antique look works, such as installing ceramic control valves for the sink and shower. If space permits, consider installing French doors, which add an inviting vibe to your bath.  

Bathroom mirrors should be generous. Consider installing an antique mirror set in a gilded frame or go even larger with the magnificence of a full mirrored wall.  

Designer tip: Installing arched windows, doors, and mirrors helps bring the room together by subtly echoing the curves of the tub.    

2. Bringing the Spa Home 

What makes a bathroom spa-like? First off, it should have a large soaking/whirlpool tub, preferably big enough for two. Consider going with a round shape, instead of a traditional tub, to add an appealing design element.   

Your spa-like bath should also include a large steam shower, preferably lined with marble tiles and enclosed in glass so that you feel like you have your very own wellness center. 

For those with enough space, a dressing area that includes seating and curtained privacy works. Consider adding chairs upholstered in terry cloth that matches your towels to emphasize the tactile softness we all associate with relaxing at a real spa. 

Venetian plaster gives walls a spa-like vibe, while Italian porcelain is a stand-out element for tubs and other elements. Slab-glass or solid marble countertops add a clean cool element, while teak flooring, towel hooks, and cabinetry balance everything out. Teak is particularly good at absorbing moisture and is used in many European spas for this reason. Another spa-like element is the installation of sleek, elegant fixtures, such as chrome-plated brass. 

Designer tip: Installing arched windows, doors, and mirrors helps bring the room together by subtly echoing the curves of the tub.    

3. Nostalgic Dreams 

Whether its an old brass faucet or the well-worn surface of an antique marble vanity, nothing says authentic vintage like a well-designed bathroom. Consider installing arts and crafts style tyles, a standing mirror framed in bamboo, and a Tiffany style chandelier straight out of the 1920s. For bathing, you can’t go wrong with an antique, footed cast-iron tub, while an open-framed Belle Epoque console sink beneath an art deco mirror will get you ready to hit the town in vintage style. Vintage mahogany medicine cabinets and antique fixtures add real depth to this design, as does China matting, a Turkish rug, and fine linen or taffeta curtains.    

Designer tip: Hanging photographs or art from the era you want to capture will help beautify and personalize your space. Even something unusual, such as a scientific drawing of wildlife, can help define the era you want to capture.  

Lastly, no matter which design you choose —from the ultimate powder room to an expression of modern simplicity — adding natural elements brings a bit of playfulness to any bathroom. Whether it’s hanging a carved branch to hold towels, using river rocks to line your shower, or matching natural elements like oak and marble, these additions harmonize with the idea of a soothing escape.