Morgantown HOAs

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Homeowners associations, or HOAs, are organizations (typically incorporated) within a subdivision, planned community, or condominium complex that create and enforce covenants, conditions, and restrictions (also known as CC&Rs). So, anyone that purchases a home within one of these communities automatically becomes a member of the association. Typically, owners pay [...]

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Morgantown Events Calendar

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Morgantown Events Calendar We know that you want to know what's happening in Morgantown. Morgantown is the heart of Monongalia County. When you live here, you're part of a vibrant community that comes together often to reward, rejoice, and remember. Here is the latest from the Morgantown Events [...]

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Top 10 Morgantown Condominiums

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Condominium living is a great way to enter the housing market. Or, it's a great way to downsize. Either way, a condominium offers entry into ownership within a community. Unlike a detached home, in a condominium, many of the maintenance issues are taken care of by the association. This [...]

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Get to Know Morgantown

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Get to know Morgantown. We think that to know Morgantown is to love it and want to live it. There are several ways to learn about Morgantown. Here are a few of our favorites: Downtown Morgantown Walking Tour Downtown Morgantown is a non-profit organization that promotes the "betterment of [...]

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Featured Property

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200 Jackson Avenue, Morgantown, WV Historic charm with ALL the space, inside & out. Lounge like royalty on the wrap around porch & enjoy the classic beauty of one of 6 ornamental fireplaces while reading, working, or daydreaming of eras gone by. Have plants? The massive sun area [...]

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Veterans Day 2021: We Honor Our Veterans

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Join us for veterans day events 2021. In and around Morgantown and Mountaineer Country, we honor our Military Veterans in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the Veterans Day events taking place this year. Learn about World War II and the Greatest Generation. Take [...]

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Pumpkin Spice Time

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As the days begin to cool, coffee aficionados begin seeking out the best locations for your favorite pumpkin spice latte, muffins, and candles. Well, we've got your back. We have put together a list of the best places in Morgantown to find pumpkin spice specialty coffees and other pumpkin [...]

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National Cheeseburger Day!

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September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day! So, we thought we'd share the best places in Morgantown and nearby areas to get a great cheeseburger. Morgantown diners and burger joints come in all varieties from casual to gourmet. Burgers and Bites Big Reds Shany Burgers & Dogs The Backyard BBQ [...]

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Positive Growth at Morgantown Municipal Airport

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Morgantown Municipal Airport is growing. Slated to receive an extension to the runway and already boasting its new art gallery, Morgantown's airport is seeing positive expansion and development. Art Gallery The art gallery is a place where local artists can showcase their work. So, the art will display on [...]

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Downtown Morgantown September Arts Walk

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Fall Arts Walk September 11, 2021 | Downtown Morgantown The September Fall Arts Walk will take place on Saturday, September 11 in Downtown Morgantown. As you stroll through more than 40 businesses, enjoy viewing pottery, paintings, photography and other fine art by local artists! Learn about the artists, performers, [...]

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