While scientists don’t know everything about what makes our local leaves change to such stunning and glorious colors, they can tell us a few of the basic factors that influence the multi-hued display. The three main factors creating autumn colors in Fayette County are the nighttime’s length, the quantity and type of pigment in the leaf, and the weather. The increasing dark hours primarily are what regulate the time the colors change. As days grow shorter and nights become longer, the temperatures cool, and together this causes a biochemical process in the leaf to develop the color. But whatever the cause, it’s part of what makes Fayette County such a charming place to live. If you’re new to Fayette, you may not have had a chance to visit many of our parks and trails. Now is the best time to check them out. You can find them here.

If you’re looking for a home with easy access to these and other local parks, check out Fayette County homes’ latest listings with nature views.

Fayette County Homes with Nature Views