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FOMO is the "fear of missing out" while JOMO is the "joy of missing out." This fear can affect the decisions you make about important things in your life. For example, you may fear missing out on a great deal for a car so you buy one sooner than [...]

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First-Time Homebuyers in Pennsylvania

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Are you a first-time homebuyer in Pennsylvania? The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency programs offer down payment and closing cost assistance for first-time Keystone State homebuyers. They also provide programs for new mortgage loans, for refinancing, and for home improvement loans. What is a first-time homebuyer? To be considered as [...]

New Properties on the Market from White Diamond

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Here are our latest new properties on the market. When you engage White Diamond Realty to sell your home, we put our professional skills to work for you. You can learn about our selling process here. We work with you to make sure that your home is ready to sell. [...]

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Trending on TikTok: Mount Morris PA School House

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In Mount Morris, Pennsylvania, you'll discover a mansion created from a remodeled elementary school that is trending on TikTok. Located at 145 School Road, Kirby - Mt. Morris, PA 15349, this Greene County home was the former Perry Elementary School. What it looks like now gives a whole new meaning [...]

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Fairytale Homes

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From elaborate treehouses to fairytale homes, the VRBO and AirB&B craze has taken hold worldwide. Check out this boot home in the video to the right. And in the Business Insider España article titled "From a boot and a stable to a dog-shaped house, these are 6 of the [...]

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Historic Morgantown Homes

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Morgantown Magazine highlights this historic home in its May 13, 2021 issue. The home, at 324 Cobun Avenue, was built c. 1906. Originally owned by one of Morgantown's most famous citizens, E.C. Wiedebusch, the home was an early adopter of indoor plumbing and heating. It likely gained this modern [...]

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Find a Place to Play in Morgantown WV

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Find a place to play in Morgantown this Sunday. According to the National Day Calendar, the third Sunday in May is National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day. In addition to the fresh air, exercise, and other benefits of outdoor playtime, playground time with other children teaches leadership, [...]

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More to do in Mountaineer Country

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You'll never run out of things to do in Monongalia and the surrounding Counties. The Summer Concert Series is in full swing. If you've missed getting in on the musical fun the past few weeks, it's not too late. And, there's more than just concerts. Check these out. Parsonsfield [...]

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Your Taylor County Adventure Awaits at Tygart Lake, WV

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Looking for adventure nearby? A mere 18 miles to the east of Bridgeport you will find a gold mine of adventure in the Allegheny Mountains foothills. Tygart Lake is a 10-mile-long lake encompassing 1750 acres. Each summer, local West Virginians trek over to Grafton's Tygart Lake State Park.  There, [...]

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First-Time Homebuyer in West Virginia

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In West Virginia, being a first-time homebuyer may qualify you for assistance. The West Virginia Housing Development Fund works with a variety of lending partners on programs for first-time homebuyers. They serve to provide affordable housing for residents of West Virginia. The WVHDF not only promotes home loans with positive interest [...]

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