The long winter months make finding a cozy home a high priority for many homebuyers. After all, when you spend much of the time indoors, you want a home that evokes warmth and comfort. There are lots of ways to make a home cozy, but here is a great list to start with:

Look for a home that has:

  • A fireplace — nothing brings a sense of warmth into a space quite like a fireplace. Whether it is woodburning, vent-free gas, or even electric, drinking a cup of coffee or hot cocoa near the fire is a lovely way to start the morning. Or, sipping mulled wine as the fire dies down for the evening is the perfect ending the day.
  • A woodburning stove — if you don’t have an open hearth but you do have a woodburning stove, you can get much the same enjoyment. Wood stoves also offer better heat, so they can reduce your electric or gas bill.
  • An eat-in kitchen — mealtime spent around the table in the winter brings a family closer. And kids working on homework while parents prepare dinner, all in the same location, gives a family time to discuss their days and make plans. Even if you don’t have kiddos, sharing a meal with a partner or friends in the kitchen is more informal and inviting than a dining room. In fact, this is the very reason that homebuyers look for open concept design.
  • A great furnace — the last thing you want in the winter is to have a furnace that can’t keep up. Before you buy, make sure the furnace is in top operating condition and is rated for the size of the home.
  • A mudroom — why bring the winter cold, wet, and mud all the way into the house? A mudroom or larger entry area keeps the dripping coats, hats, gloves, and boots all in one place.

What do you do if you don’t have these options?

Even if your home doesn’t have a fireplace or woodstove, or your design is not open, you can add cozy elements to your home. A fuzzy area rug keeps your chilly feet warm. Drape a throw, afghan, or blanket over the arm of the sofa or keep a few handy in a basket for snuggling. Use LED lightbulbs designated as “warm” in your living room and bedroom lamps. While they won’t add heat, they do affect your circadian rhythm and can help you prepare to sleep better. Conversely, “cool” and “daylight” hues energize you, so use these in locations where you need to be productive, like your home office and kitchen. You can learn more about LED lights here.

Or, install a non-permanent fireplace. Faux fireplaces, either electric or gel, have come a long way. You can find out more about your non-premanent fireplace options in this helpful article.

Wish you could find a cozy home?

If you’re in the market for a cozier home, we can help. Below is a selection of Greene and Fayette County Pennsylvania homes with fireplaces. These properties offer virtual tours too, so you can safely view them. If you’re looking for a home in our West Virginia counties, go to our advanced search page. Then, click on “more filters” at the bottom and choose “fireplace.” You’ll discover a whole host of warm and cozy home options. Take a look at our Buyer’s Guide to help you with your choices.