As more people realized the benefits of working from home, it was only a matter of time until architects began to design new spaces for working, creating, engaging, and socializing. The result has been a slew of outdoor buildings that empower luxury homeowners to transform their backyards into something special. 

There’s never been a better time to increase the number of buildings on your property. Innovative outdoor structures that check all the boxes are multiplying fast, and because many of the best options come pre-fabricated, the wait and waste associated with traditional building methods has been reduced. Instead, builders leverage smart design practices to provide high quality structures on your schedule. 

For affluent homeowners with land to spare, outdoor buildings go well beyond storage. Some modern constructions are perfectly suited for a home office, a workout space, or creative pursuits. With so many options out there, White Diamond Realty is providing some helpful tips on getting the most out of a modern shed. 

Whether you need a new home office or somewhere to store gardening equipment, modern sheds provide a luxury space for work or leisure, with few limitations. Anyone with a backyard can find a shed that works for them. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 

Plan for usage. 

Before shopping for a new shed, you’ll need to define how you intend to use it. For example, if you want to add a workshop, you’ll require ample shelving and storage, a substantial work bench, and space to move around. Such requirements will determine the final dimensions of your shed, including both shape and square-footage. 

But that’s not all. Ask yourself: How high does my shed’s ceiling need to be? Do I need any utilities? A loft? How much natural light do I want? You’ll also need to determine whether your shed requires an anchor against strong winds, shifting soil, or flood events. If you do anchor, you also need to decide which type of anchor you want to use, and whether it requires a foundation. These questions are just as essential as determining square footage when it comes to choosing the right shed for your property. 

Of course, your needs may evolve over time, which is a great reason to make flexibility a shed feature. The easiest way to ensure flexibility is to purchase a shed that’s a bit larger than you need now. After all, just as a spare guest room gets overcrowded when we add furniture, most people find that their shed quickly fills with more items than the first envisioned. 

Size considerations. 

Speaking of size, another key question is how will a new shed sit in your yard? After all, even a well-designed structure will not be attractive if it’s crammed into a small space. One thing that can impact the size requirements is whether your shed will need a foundation. If it does, plan for about a foot more on each of your shed, to accommodate a larger footprint. 

Similarly, consider how a new addition to your yard will impact your landscaping, the view you’re your windows, and any planned additions, such as a flower garden that needs light. Lastly, if you need electricity in your shed, consider whether you need space for solar panels, either on its roof or as a separate array. 

Know your local regulations. 

Before purchasing a new shed, get to know your local building codes, zoning restrictions, and HOA requirements. To learn about these regulations in Morgantown (and whether you need a permit for your new shed) visit the city’s Office of Code Enforcement. For other municipalities in Monongalia County, visit the county website for Building Enforcement. Lastly, be sure to familiarize yourself with the West Virginia Statewide Building Code. 

Local or international, your choice of builders. 

Now that you’ve answered these important questions, it’s time to select a shed company. For something truly unique to our area, look at luxury shed providers. For example, with their sleek designs, insulated walls, and utility hook ups, the latest sheds from Cerca are both aesthetically beautiful and versatile.  

Whether you want 12-foot ceilings, solid oak flooring, sustainable bamboo siding, or adjustable privacy windows, Cerca has it. Their seamless proprietary connections ensure quality and save time, while their pre-finished wall panels are engineered for energy-efficient insulation and durability. These prefab office sheds can either be shipped for you to set up, or you can hire pros to do it in a matter of days. 

If you would rather buy from a local company with a stellar reputation for customer service, one of the top shed providers in North Central West Virginia is Mountaineer Amish Sales. They carry a wide variety of shed styles, each of which is hand built by Amish crafters.  

Local doesn’t mean skimping on choices. Mountaineer Amish Sales also builds tiny cabins, not to mention garages, run-in sheds, and more. They even offer free delivery for most of North Central West Virginia. 

Whatever style you choose, your shed is an extension of your home. We hope you get the most out of your new space. If you could use a bit more backyard to realize your modern shed dreams, check out this 45-acre featured property from White Diamond Realty. 


Shed Image

This Quaker Style Shed from Mountaineer Amish Sales includes side opening double doors.