Houseplants are a creative way to express your love of nature, especially during winters in North Central West Virginia. Not only are they gorgeous, but they also purify the air you breathe and help create a peaceful atmosphere that compliments your décor. Of course, whether you choose an orchid or a Venus fly trap, indoor plants also express personal style. 

White Diamond Realty asked Bella Och, a plant specialist at Morgantown’s Hoot and Howl, why houseplants remain a perennial favorite for home decoration. She replied that growing plants is the perfect home hobby, since each person can decide what level of effort they want to make. Some plants take a lot of care, but others are set and forget. Finding the variety that matches your lifestyle is the first step to cultivating a green thumb. Below, White Diamond walks you through Bella Och’s recommendations for growing your collection of healthy houseplants: 

Ms. Ochs’s favorite 

“I’m a Hoya person,” said Bella Och. “Each Hoya cultivar produces a different flower, so there are no limitations to their use in home decoration.” 

Sometimes called “miniature wax plants,” Hoyas are hanging plants that are ideal for creating attractive window coverage. Since they are also moderate climbers, some homeowners use a trellis to show off their Hoyas, but simply hanging them at or above eye level is also a great look. Moreover, because Hoyas only require moderate light, they can be displayed in most windowed rooms. 

Although easy to cultivate, Hoyas do require moderate to high humidity, as well as infrequent watering and feeding. Of course, after speaking with Bella, it’s obvious that the benefits of buying indoor plants from a small business like Hoot and Howl go well beyond “shopping local.” Her love of Hoyas makes her the perfect person to provide tips on growing your own. 

In fact, Hoot and Howl recently expanded from a single store front at 245 Walnut Street, Morgantown into the space next door. If you stop in their expanded location for some houseplant hints, say hello to Bella! She says the Hoot and Howl team is currently stocking that new space with indoor plants, soils, fertilizers, planters, pots, and green-thumb accessories.  

The plant that needs no soil 

Another tip from Bella was to consider adopting an air plant. These amazing plants require no soil and don’t need a pot to prosper. In their natural setting, air plants grow on the branches of other trees, but in your home, they can be placed anywhere that gets plenty of indirect light. As with Hoyas, there is no shortage of variety, but air plants usually have slender leaves that grow in a rosette pattern, making them quite attractive for hanging in glass or plastic globes. 

Air plants are a great option for the plant lover looking for low-maintenance options. Just don’t forget to water them about once per week. As with Hoyas, air plants are available at Hoot and Howl.  

The elegant Ficus  

Another plant that loves living indoors is the Ficus. You’ll need plenty of room for a full-sized Ficus tree because they can grow above 6 feet in height. It’s worth the space, however, because these long-lived plants add depth and elegance to a home. Practically carefree, they tolerate both the low light and low humidity of living indoors during a West Virginia winter. 

If you don’t have space available for a six-foot Ficus, don’t fret. You can still enjoy owning one because they are also among the most popular choices for indoor Bonsai. 

The all-time low maintenance champ 

If watering plants seems like a lot to remember, consider adopting the prickly star of dry deserts and rocky outcrops: Cactus. Although this dry-humored friend requires far less attention than your average Easter Lily, it lacks none of the decorative appeal of damper cousins. Cacti also come in a variety of sizes from a large pot that fits in the corner of your kitchen to smaller varieties perfect for sprucing up a mantle. The amount of sunlight for each type varies, but one thing cacti have in common is an ability to survive on intermittent watering. Too busy for an orchid? Get a flowering cactus! 

Networking for plant lovers 

As any enthusiastic home gardener will tell you, learning about plants is half the fun—and trading them with other growers is a great way to make new friends. One activity that supports both is participating in the local online group Bella Och moderates. With nearly 1900 active members, the Morgantown Plant Society is a terrific resource for home gardeners in north central West Virginia. 

Another valuable resource is the WVU Extension, Monongalia County, which provides information on growing both indoor and outdoor plants in North Central West Virginia. 

In conclusion, whatever your schedule, your experience, or your décor, there is a houseplant that suits your style—and you don’t have to wait for warm weather to get started! 

If you are a plant lover looking for a new home to showcase your growing collection of indoor greenery , check out White Diamond Realty’s Featured Listings for the ideal place to live, love, and display leafy companions. 

Air plants from Hoot and Howl are low-maintenance, exotic, and popular.