Despite the memorable fun of seasonal celebrations, holidays are often stressful. Despite our best intentions, between work parties, social obligations, and finding the perfect gift, it can be hard to make time for yourself. Add the record-setting cold and icy roads of 2022 and you might just need a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get motivated for anything beyond binge-watching TV.   

Still, you need to recharge your mind and body—and streaming six seasons of suspense and drama while you finish those holiday leftovers is not the answer. Do that and you might end up feeling burned out. So, what is the solution? To empower your post-holiday rejuvenation, White Diamond Realty compiled some surefire tips for beating the blahs and building a better path into 2023.  

1. Recharge physically 

Being stressed out can impact everything from your immunity to your work performance, which means it’s important to recharge your body. This can be as simple as taking a warm bath in Epsom salts or using an exfoliating scrub. For extra relaxation, use scents such as lavender and sage as aromatherapy, either massaged directly onto the body or diffused into the air. For expert guidance, visit Morgantown’s Bliss, Bliss, Bliss studio, which is in its second decade of helping locals get their groove back. 

Of course, the parade of rich meals people serve around the holidays might mean you could use a change to your diet. While foods like grandma’s peanut brittle are full of the sugars that provide quick energy, their long-term impact on your body’s metabolism means they can make you even more tired.  

 To improve energy levels, try adding complex carbohydrates as a regular snack. For example, dried dates make a healthy go-to for any time of day, as do healthy fats like those found in nuts. Of course, lean proteins, like chicken or legumes can also help recover your pre-holiday metabolic energy levels. Try adding either to a lovely winter salad. For more ideas for how to improve your post-holiday diet, consider consulting with a local registered dietician via WVU Medicine, where they have specialists available on an out-patient basis for both adults and children 

Now that you’ve energized with a metabolism friendly diet, it’s time to move. Yes, it’s cold out, but walking or biking — even for 20 minutes — can energize your body and mind for hours. In fact, just taking time to stretch can release tension from tight muscles and joints.  

Consider signing up for a gravity-yoga class at Morgantown’s Soar Fitness Studio for a thorough, healthy stretch. 

Having improved your diet and exercise, don’t forget nature’s recharge system: A Good Night’s Rest.  Experts recommend seven to nine hours per night for healthy adults ages 26 to 64. Getting less than six hours of sleep per night is a major risk factor for fatigue, irritability, depression, lack of concentration, memory loss, unexplained pain, lost productivity, and accidents. Poor sleep even increases your risk of developing high blood pressure or suffering a heart attack or stroke.  

If you find it difficult to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, contact the experts at the Mon Health Sleep Center, where they diagnose and treat sleep disorders.  

2. Recharge mentally 

Although we usually focus on recharging our bodies, stress can also have a negative impact on your mental well-being. To soothe your mind, take stock of everything you accomplished in the past year. It may even help to make a short list of your favorite moments. Chances are, you had a very full season and deserve a break. If things didn’t always go as planned, learn to let go of past conflicts, so you can move forward with confidence and motivation.  

Of course, sometimes we need to stop overthinking and just have some fun. Consider scheduling a weekend trip to see old friends, or just going out to enjoy the many recreational events and activities happening in North Central West Virginia.  Perhaps you could revel in Morgantown’s renowned nightlife or a take in sporting event like a WVU men’s or women’s basketball game.   

If you are looking for something more hands on, consider getting messy at one of the area’s many pottery and painting workshops, such as Morgantown’s The WOW! Factory or Art Gallery 62 West in nearby Grafton.  

The important thing is that you take a break from everything that stresses you out, and get onto a yoga mat, hiking trail, blank canvas, or pottery wheel. At White Diamond Realty, we believe in a balanced approach to life, where it’s okay to take a break and recharge. We hope you take some time to care of yourself, both now and into your long, healthy future.