If you’ve settled into a luxury home in North Central West Virginia, congratulations. Knowing where you’ll hang your hat for years to come is no small feat. However, closing on a home doesn’t mean you should stop improving yourself or your surroundings. Today, White Diamond Realty is looking at six “out of the box” options for increasing the resale value of your home through creative approaches that cater to high-end clientele who share your interests:

Hidden rooms and passages

Add an element of mystery and intrigue by incorporating hidden rooms or secret passages into your home. Such spaces make perfect hideaways for a private office, library, or speakeasy-style entertainment space. According to realtor.com, secret rooms are surging in popularity, but options range widely in price. For example, a swinging fireplace entrance that opens into a secret room will typically cost more than $12,000 to install, while a simple Murphy style hidden door that looks like a bookcase costs closer to $1200. Still, this is one fascinating feature that tends to pay off when it’s time to sell.

Floating stress away

A lot of luxury home owners are designing specialized rooms dedicated to holistic health and wellness, such as meditation rooms, salt caves, or even a sensory deprivation tank. By the way, if you want to find out if float therapy fits your luxury lifestyle, visit the advanced flotation spa at SpaOasis in Fairmont. When we spoke to TJ at SpaOasis, he said that people travel from neighboring states to take advantage of this unique luxury experience.

Unusual interests mean unusual features

One way to add value to a home is by creating one-of-a-kind features that cater to the specific interests or hobbies of potential buyers, such as a wine tasting room or even a small, private observatory with a high-powered telescope for stargazing. Others might build a virtual reality room or a bespoke building that adds character to their property. We covered bespoke barns in a recent post, but for people who like a physical challenge, an indoor or outdoor rock climbing wall is a great option.

West Virginia is a rock-climber’s paradise. In fact, Cooper’s Rock State Forest is so favored by climbing enthusiasts that there’s even a guidebook focused entirely the rock faces there. However, personal schedules and weather do not always cooperate for climbing trips. With Morgantown’s Grindstone Climbing and Fitness closing for good in December 2022, some are locals were left without an indoor climbing option. While WVU students use indoor climbing walls on WVU’s campus, some area homeowners are opting to build their own or hire a contractor. For advice on selecting a climbing wall, contact the Climbing Wall Association (CWA). This organization is hosting its 2023 conference in Pittsburgh this May, but you don’t have to attend to learn more, because CWA also hosts an online vendor directory.

Art installations: in private homes

Commission unique, large-scale sculptures, murals, or interactive art pieces from local or renowned artists to enhance the aesthetics and exclusivity of the property. For a local touch, use local artists.

In past blogs, we’ve featured two of the most highly-respected local artists, and we are certainly fans of both, but today, we’re reminding readers that a globally celebrated art destination—Pittsburgh—is a mere day trip from Morgantown.

One thing that can adds investment value to an art installation is name recognition. To find artists who have achieved a notable level of name recognition in the Steel City, check out Maser Galleries or Firebox Art Studios LLC. You can also look up public art installations in Pittsburgh and see who created them. For example, Camerin “Camo” NesbitJuliandra JonesMikael Owunna, and Najja Moon were selected by the Department of City Planning’s Public Art and Civic Design Planning division to create permanent art installations in Homewood Park as part of the city’s Homewood Park Improvement Project.

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI)

We’ve covered the exciting entertainment features of smart homes before in this blog, but it doesn’t stop with watching movies in your den. Cutting-edge smart home technology now allows homeowners to create a seamless and intuitive living experience, from voice-activated controls to AI-driven energy management systems.

In the coming years, experts believe that AI-driven technologies will power household robots that can sort dishes, pick up and move everything from toys to furniture, and even pour a glass of wine. On a practical level, AI is already great at managing home climates, by ensuring the most efficient use of energy, responding to weather changes in real-time, and adapting systems to match user preferences for things like humidity and temperature.

Other AI options include a refrigerator that monitors available food ingredients to help homeowners decide what to cook based on dietary restrictions and favorite recipes, and an AI-powered oven with computer vision (CV) that controls the cooking process and monitors when food is cooked to the desired temperature.

Installing sustainable landscaping and biophilic designs

Use eco-friendly and sustainable design elements in the landscaping, such as xeriscaping, rain gardens, or rooftop gardens, to reduce environmental impact and create a unique outdoor experience. Of course, nature does not have to stay locked outside your home. Biophilic design elements incorporate natural elements such as living walls, water features, or indoor atriums to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere within the home.

The creation of unique features can increase your home’s appeal to high-end buyers. To get the most out of this kind of investment, consider consulting with designers, architects, or real estate professionals. Because the team at White Diamond Realty specializes in luxury properties in North Central West Virginia, if you are looking to buy or sell a home that would lend itself to such interesting upgrades, contacting one of our agents should always be your first move.