Here are our latest new properties on the market. When you engage White Diamond Realty to sell your home, we put our professional skills to work for you. You can learn about our selling process here. We work with you to make sure that your home is ready to sell. But, once your home is prepared for buyers, the next step in our process is setting your home’s listing in view of as many potential homebuyers as possible. Below are some tips for how we list your home for sale.

White Diamond Marketing

We market across multiple online and direct marketing channels: Modern home buyers search for their new house in a variety of ways. They may browse online listings. Some view social media posts like Instagram or Facebook. And others drive through neighborhoods they like to look for those enticing FOR SALE and OPEN HOUSE yard signs. We know that the more places your listing appears, the more possible buyers will see it. And the more likely we are to find you a buyer.

We craft a captivating property description: Your home’s listing needs to highlight all of your home’s top features. It should outline each of the amenities that buyers in your locale expect to find. We know the important things to highlight. And our design and marketing team takes the time to create an appealing description for your MLS listing and for downloadable flyers.

Invest in professional real estate marketing photography: Since the majority of homebuyers (and their agents) search online portals to find a new home, your home’s MLS,, Trulia, or Zillow listing is its first impression. Professional real estate photos present your home in the very best light. They go the distance in making your home stand above the rest. Photos should be realistic, not exaggerated. The higher quality the better the results. And in the COVID-19 era, you should consider doing a virtual or video tour.

You’ll see your home in our Featured Listings section as well. So buying agents that watch our site will know right away when your property becomes available. If you’re in the market for a new home, bookmark this blog post and check back frequently. Our newest listings update regularly will show up here.

Newest Listings by White Diamond Realty