Morgantown Municipal Airport is growing. Slated to receive an extension to the runway and already boasting its new art gallery, Morgantown’s airport is seeing positive expansion and development.

Art Gallery

The art gallery is a place where local artists can showcase their work. So, the art will display on a rotating basis, potentially changing four times throughout the year. The next display scheduled is “Balloons Over Morgantown.”

Runway Expansion

The runway will give commercial traffic a much-needed safety margin for landing. And, it will open up the airport to additional aircraft that are unable to use the shorter runway. Funding for this project comes from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has funded nearly $7.8 million into the project. Broken into phases scheduled for completion over the next five years, phase one involves clearing the land and moving 4.14 million cubic yards of earth.

Phase two, excavating, begins in November 2021. This phase separates the rock and lays the foundation of the runway.

Surveillance System

In addition to the runway extension and art gallery, the airport is upgrading its aging surveillance equipment and replacing all of its cameras. And, the new arrangement is on an encrypted, cloud-based system. The new technology increases the ability of first responders to get to the scene of emergencies more efficiently.

You can learn more information from the complete article in The State Journal and at the Morgantown Municipal Airport project development website.

Easy Airport Access

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