With limited restaurant capacities securing a Valentine’s Day reservation might be tough. So why not celebrate by enjoying the day in your new home?! Here are our top 5 ideas for showing your love on Valentine’s Day this year.

#1 — Cook a romantic meal for your partner. If you’re confident in the kitchen use this day to attempt an adventurous recipe. Why not!? Perhaps you aren’t the best cook? In that case, take this opportunity to sign up for a meal kit service with easy prep and step by step instructions.

#2 — Support local businesses by ordering in. Have your favorite restaurant delivered. Pre-order flowers from a local shop. Or, find unique gifts from neighborhood makers: chocolates, taffy, kitschy shirts or candles, a new piece of art. There are so many makers in every city, find a new business with a unique gift for your loved one.

#3 — Have a backyard picnic. With the gorgeous views of West Virginia and Pennsylvania you can create a romantic setting almost anywhere. Pretend you’re on an adventure in your own backyard. Pack up a picnic, lay out a blanket and cheers to each other.

#4 — Turn your home into a spa. Set the stage with candles and flowers. Fill your tub with bath bombs and petals to surprise your partner. Source a nice bottle of local wine and enjoy a night of relaxation together.

#5 — Make it a movie night. With new releases on almost every streaming service there’s something out there for everyone. Get your favorite popcorn and theater candy. Snuggle up under a blanket and throw on a new movie or your favorite classic.

As long as you’re together the holiday will be as great as ever. If you’re in the market for a new home, why not spend a little time browsing for your dream home. For those in Marion County, check out these luxury listings! Who knows, you might be inspired to embark on your next fairytale adventure.