Moriah comes to the real estate industry with a fresh perspective and loads of ambition. In 2020, while working for a property management and development company that has a close relationship with White Diamond, Moriah felt compelled to embark on a new challenge. With the support and encouragement of White Diamond broker Melissa Hornbeck and her former supervisor, she began to study for the state and national exams, earning her license in May 2023.

White Diamond is led by a strong, creative woman, and the team is stacked with bomb boss ladies as well! I feel empowered to be surrounded by so many leading ladies!

Read on to learn more about Moriah and her goals as a newly licensed agent!

What are your best qualities as an agent?

I’m friendly, honest, and committed to my clients. As a people person, I work hard to make my clients feel comfortable and excited to work with me and White Diamond Realty. I’m committed to getting the transaction to the finish line and assisting my clients throughout the process in any way I’m able.

I’m also able to see past negatives and provide a positive outlook on issues that might be daunting to a new homeowner. I enjoy re-imagining outdated spaces and envisioning new life in well-worn homes. I have the honest nature to steer my clients in or out of a situation that may or may not be best suitable for them.

What is the most common hurdle you see buyers encounter, and how do you help?

Being new, this is an unknown that I anticipate learning about! I would imagine in this market, it could be financing or valuations of properties. In recent sales discussions, getting through the financial process seems to be more of a hurdle. I will commit myself to assisting every client in any way possible to find the right financing for their situation.

What advice do you give to sellers as they’re preparing to list their property or when they receive an offer?

From my own personal experience, I would say be patient while you wait for the offer you want. I’m a big believer in everything will work out how it’s supposed to. Have faith that your REALTOR and agency will market to the right buyers and you will get the offer and price point you want. Trust the process and the professionals you have enlisted (WDR TEAM!), and we can help you make it to the close!

What advice do you give to buyers as they’re preparing to buy a home or going through the closing process?

Again, trust the process. Also, don’t be afraid to look at properties that might not seem 100% fitting online or on paper. Look at as many properties as you can. The right property is out there, and we’re excited to put in the effort to help you find it!

What changes do you see coming in the next 2-3 years?

As anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock can see, the real estate market has been an upside-down roller coaster the past few years. Currently, mortgage rates are higher than they have been in a long time, and I believe that might be having an effect on home buying; however, I am hopeful that the market and industry will level out in the near future. We saw some crazy home prices, sales, and trends in the past year, but comparing numbers for years past, we might be seeing some leveling soon.

What makes North Central West Virginia a great place to buy a home and put down roots?

NCWV is centrally located to a variety of tri-state cities (Pittsburgh, D.C., Virginia, Charlotte), but we still live a small-town life. The people are amazing and welcoming, and in my opinion, there is nowhere else like WV. In Morgantown, the major economic driving forces are the hospitals and the university, which offer lots of career opportunities, and there is a plethora of outdoor and adventure activities to explore in the surrounding area!

How do you make the most of life in West Virginia?

I enjoy all of the outdoor amenities that WV has to offer. In our spare time, my husband and I enjoy hiking with our pups, brewery hopping, spending time at the river, and going to concerts and music festivals. Our favorite days are spent on the Cheat River, sometimes on the upper, slow, lazy river area. When we’re feeling more adventurous, white water is in abundance! The Canaan Valley area is also one of our favorite small mountain spots to enjoy—music at the Purple Fiddle, skiing at Timberline, or hiking and waterfalls at Dolly Sods, Blackwater Falls, or any of the various trails the area has to offer.

What defines your life outside of work?

I was born and raised in Kingwood, WV. Although I am from a small town, I enjoy traveling and seeing new places. My husband and I try to take a trip to a new place each year—I’d like to see all 50 states someday. We are strong supporters of the nonprofit Friends of the Cheat, a watershed group revitalizing the Cheat River. I’ve been a loyal attendant and volunteer at their annual Cheat River Festival for over 15 years. We have two large dogs, and they are our babies. I have a soft spot for stray animals and regularly donate to different local and national rescue organizations and shelters.

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to become a recognized agent in the area and have the knowledge to help any client, customer, or interested party work through a real estate transaction or encourage new agents to the industry! I hope to have a list of successful transactions in my pocket and possibly move into real estate investing or property management. The small towns in my area (Preston County) have so much potential, and I’d love to be able to promote all of the wonders they can offer to visitors near and far!

Why would you recommend White Diamond?

The WDR team has the knowledge and experience to help you complete your real estate transaction and is an amazing team of professionals with a fun and inviting spirit!
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