Find a place to play in Morgantown this Sunday. According to the National Day Calendar, the third Sunday in May is National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day. In addition to the fresh air, exercise, and other benefits of outdoor playtime, playground time with other children teaches leadership, negotiation, and cooperation skills. When playing games with others, children improve creativity, gain self-confidence, attain focus and attention aptitude. In fact, they assert that the more kids play, the smarter, healthier, and even happier they are.

When the entire family plays outdoors together, these skills and benefits multiply.

To find the closest playground to your home, reach out to neighbors in the Nextdoor App.

Or, contact your local parks and recreation department. In Morgantown that is the Board of Parks and Recreation. On this site are the locations of city parks, lists of activities and events, maps and addresses for parks, and links to register for camps.

To celebrate National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day, check out the “Pocket Parks” tab. According to the site, Pocket Parks are “little slices of greenspace” that make a paradise for neighborhoods. BOPARC manages several of these throughout the Morgantown community.  Whether it be a pavilion or picnic table in a wooded area, a playground, ball courts, or simply a serene setting to re-center yourself, these neighborhood “pocket” parks have a tremendous amount to offer.

The oldest Pocket Park in Morgantown is Whitemoore Park. This 8.6 acre park is located below Richmond Avene. It connects to the Caperton/Decker’s Creek Trail. There, you’ll find a picnic area, basketball court, and swings.

Neighborhood Playgrounds

Some neighborhood playgrounds do not show up on the city parks listings because they are operated by neighborhood or homeowners associations. If you’re looking for a home in a neighborhood with a playground, look no further. These Morgantown homes have nearby playgrounds or parks for your family to enjoy. Even if you don’t live near one for this year’s National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day, we can help you find one for next year.

Check out these homes and give us a call. We’ll set up a tour so you can see the home and nearby playgrounds for yourself.

Morgantown Homes Near Playgrounds